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Students ID Cards Maker for Mac

Mac compatible student ID card maker software design multiple ID cards for students with different barcode value and text on Mac machine. Software is having option to design multiple ID cards using Excel data file on Mac machine. You can print designed student ID card and send to the specified E-mail ID.

Software helps Mac users to design and print multiple ID cards using advanced print settings. You can add photo on id cards by browsing path of image or by taking photo of student using camera settings available in software.

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ID Card Designer for Mac

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Software Features

  • Inbuit Camera option to capture photo of ID card user while designing ID Card on Mac machine.
  • Software design multiple ID cards with different barcode value and text using Batch Processing Series option.
  • If you want to crop image of student according to your requirement, then you can use Image Cropping Tool.
  • To quickly generate ID cards, software has various pre-defined templates (pre-loaded ID Card Design).
  • Email Settings is also available to send designed ID cards to the specified email address.
  • If you are designing visitors id card, software provides option to add all visitor's details to the database.
  • Software provides option to export designed ID Cards in various file formats such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, and PDF.
  • You can easily save designed ID card log (in .did file format) for future usage.