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Birthday Card Maker Software

Now you can send warm birthday wishes to your friends and dear ones, in a customized way by using birthday card maker software to design your own style of birthday cards to gift on this special occasion. Birth day card designer software presents wide variety of card making and designing features along with printing facilities to create good looking birthday cards that will be greatly admired by the one gifted to.

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You can select a photo of your choice and append it to your card, add a text expressing hearty birthday wishes or a cute personal message to your birthday card using the software. Software offers varied font, color options to choose from so as to give a stunning appearance to the birthday card which when gifted will really be well-liked and treasured forever.

Software Features

  • Birthday cards having diverse shapes and sizes can be created like in Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle and Ellipse.
  • Image designing objects like pencil, star, line, text, rectangle, picture etc can craft good looking birthday cards.
  • Photo, text, graphics, personal messages etc adding feature produces birthday cards.
  • Multiple birthday cards can be created to gift to individual or group of people as per requirement.
  • Software provides numerous background color settings of label including Solid Color, Gradient, Image and Style etc.
  • Software offers a wide variety of print settings during printing of birthday cards.
  • User need not go through any technical training or expert guidance prior to implementing the product.