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ID Card Designer for Mac

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Software Features

  • Software is having various card designing objects such as line, text, images, star, rectangle, ellipse, triangle, barcode, watermark and signature for creating ID cards.
  • You can also choose id card design from pre-defined templates while designing ID cards on Mac machine.
  • Software also provides option to design multiple ID cards using Excel data file on Mac machine.
  • If you want to crop images for your ID card as per your requirements, You can use 'Image Cropping Tool'.
  • Software is also having option to export designed ID Cards As Image( in JPEG, PNG and other File formats), As PDF and AS Template.
  • For future usage, you can save your designed id cards as template, as image and as PDF file format.
  • Print your designed ID cards using advanced print settings option of software.
  • You can send your designed id cards at specified email ID using email settings.
  • Program has option to save designed ID card log (in .did file format) for future usage.
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